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Many businesses, just like yours, are finding real benefits from StoreFeeder's PDA solution within their warehouse operations.

Implementing effective barcode scanning technology into a warehouse allows efficient, effective and accurate management of daily tasks and operational processes.

Utilising either Android™-based PDA handsets or an Android™ mobile phone, the StoreFeeder App links wirelessly to the main StoreFeeder system to effortlessly send and receive information about deliveries, stock locations, stock transfers, inventory levels and picking information, removing the need for paper in the warehouse and giving your staff a cutting edge solution to their tasks.

With audio and voice activated picking and barcode scan pick confirmation options, the picking process on the StoreFeeder App provides an accurate, high tech, paperless solution to picking orders.

Goods In
  • Simply scan a product to open active Purchase Orders
  • Fast goods receipt with guided put away to pick bins
  • Find empty pick bins quickly and allocate to products with one scan
  • Immediate inventory updates on web system with unique PO record
  • Goods In Despatch allows you to despatch back orders at Goods In and avoids double handling
  • Stock interrogation through product or pick bin scanning to give you up to the second live inventory levels and a wide range of product information and history
  • Carry out immediate stock transfers to and from pick and bulk locations
  • Keep your picking locations full and manage stock in locations stock with suggested stock transfers and replenishments
  • Paper free picking with optional scan confirmation to ensure the correct products are picked
  • Works in conjunction with consolidated picking for optimal packing performance
  • Improved pick speeds and accuracy with intelligent picking routes
  • Monitor picker performance with recorded pick times

Audio and Voice Activated Picking
  • Optional audio and voice activated picking allows for hands free picking, with the PDA informing the picker of pick location, required product and quantity with verbal commands and note recording as they pick
  • Optional finger scanners provides greater pick accuracy with scan confirmation that the correct items has been picked

The StoreFeeder app in conjunction with PDAs provides the benefits of StoreFeeder wherever you are in your warehouse.

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