So you want to know who we are?

StoreFeeder is a hugely approachable enterprise class software company. Our aim is to help businesses grow by providing them with high quality solutions and support for their multi-channel ecommerce operation.  Our clients are not just another number. We've grown up within the ecommerce industry so we understand the trials and tribulations you'll be facing, we've got front row seats to the show.  Our experience, our dedication to getting it right, and our drive to be the best has served our clients well over the last 10 years.

A brief history of the software

Many merchants advertise their products across multiple channels, some in more advanced ways than others, but one thing is for sure, they all hit the same hurdles!  These include the amount of admin involved in keeping all of the inventory up to date, having to deal with orders from different channels in different ways and updating each order with tracking information etc etc.

So about 10 years ago we decided to take the pain out of multi-channel retailing and to offer one interface that does it all. 

After a few years development and running the first version of the software for UK Fulfilment along-side a few select corporate clients we received great feedback!  The decision was therefore made to offer the software to a much wider market in late 2009 but to adopt a wholly new "fixed-price" pricing model which became very popular indeed.

Since 2010 StoreFeeder has grown steadily by adding experienced ecommerce professionals to the team so that you, the customer, can rely on expert advice and extremely high quality enterprise level multi-channel tools.