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Order Management

Increase your bottom line

Efficient order processing can often be the biggest headache any multi-channel sales organisation has to deal with. By using StoreFeeder you can fully streamline your order management process, taking care of repetitive, mundane and time consuming tasks by automating them.  Automating your order processing will make the whole process of selling online through multiple retailing channels more efficient, cost-effective and profitable.

All orders from all sales channels are downloaded into StoreFeeder and with the click of a button you can generate invoices, pick sheets, carrier labels and packing lists.

So how does it work...

Automated order processing

StoreFeeder collates your orders from all your integrated eBay, Amazon and website channels.  As a batch of orders arrive you decide which channel or company identity to process, when to print invoices, carrier labels, picking and packing lists, all at the click of a button. Barcode picking is also included….

Alternatively the system can specify to have the order forwarded automatically to your drop shipper.

“Fulfilment By Amazon” orders can also be processed seamlessly using StoreFeeder.

The customer experience

StoreFeeder was designed to make the customer experience as simple and easy as possible, supplying the customer with fast and relevant information. By managing every aspect of the order lifecycle from the initial order placement to despatch and beyond you can save time and improve customer satisfaction ratings.

The order lifecycle with StoreFeeder is so automated you'll wonder how you managed without it...

  • StoreFeeder automatically prints integrated courier labels, invoices, pick and pack sheets.
  • StoreFeeder automatically marks orders as shipped
  • StoreFeeder sends automated customer email notifications with PDF invoices attached
  • StoreFeeder sends tracking data and shipping details back to the channel automatically
  • StoreFeeder sends automated bespoke email notifications to the customer for each stage of the process with key data like courier delivery windows
  • StoreFeeder automates the process of returns, and exchanges of stock

Streamlining the management process

StoreFeeder allows you to view your order management information is in one manageable place. You can easily export data that can be imported into any system you wish. It also means you can produce in depth reports for analysis, giving you an accurate and up to date overview of business performance.

StoreFeeder also integrates into your other 'offline' sales channels. With areas for telesales to enter orders and with direct links through an EPOS system we have your entire ecommerce multi-channel sales infrastructure covered.

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