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Inventory Management

Synchronise Inventory Levels

Keeping on top of your inventory can be a full time job in itself, so let StoreFeeder take care of your inventory management for you.

By selling across multiple selling channels you need to make sure that when you sell a product on one channel, for example eBay, that your other sales channels reflect this. StoreFeeder will automatically update inventory levels across all of your sales channels as soon as you get an order reducing the risk of over selling items you no longer have in stock.

Intelligent Stock Management

Keeping track of your stock levels manually when you sell across a number of different sales channels is also an up hill struggle.

By automating your stock control process you can ensure you have optimal stock holdings of all your product lines, meaning you'll have maximum stock availability without overstocking. StoreFeeder will automatically update stock levels across all your ecommerce sales platforms as sales go through or new deliveries are received, which minimises the risk of over selling and holding too much stock.

The Process of Intelligent Stock Control

StoreFeeder enables you to link multiple listings to a single product with automatic updates as the item is sold.

You can sell items individually, as part of multi packs or promotional baskets, StoreFeeder recognises all the component parts and automatically de-lists the components where required. The system will tell you when to order from your suppliers, with how many and when, by keeping information on individual product lead times and economic order quantities. This ensures you have optimised stock holdings reducing the amount of money tied up in slow moving stock.

StoreFeeder allows for total visibility over your stock levels and you are able to share, if desired, this information directly with your sales channels. The software supports multiple locations for any stock item and is able to supply item weight and dimension for shipping and packaging purposes.

Analysis of the stock inventory enables intelligent future ordering of lines ensuring you have the right product in stock at the right time in the right quantity.

Managing your Stock

The system also allows you to look at any given product's history and ordering patterns. Booking in and receipt of stock allowing for returns are all handled by the software.

StoreFeeder synchronises your stock inventory across as many selling channels as you might wish to have, all coming from a single stock inventory. The system is intelligent enough to end a listing when the stock reaches zero and relist it as stock is booked in or even suggest an alternative if the item is not on reorder.

Purchase Orders

StoreFeeder automatically notifies you when stocks are low and automates the production of purchase orders populating the data onto a PDF.

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