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Intelligent Warehousing

Let StoreFeeder manage your warehouse more effectively

StoreFeeder's innovative software helps you manage your entire order process in combination with intelligent features that help you save time at each stage.  These features include....

Pickwaves - pickwaves help you organise picking efficiently by combining all orders for one item into a single pick, this helps save huge amounts of time and footfall around your warehouse.

Invoice printing - print in bulk to save time and money

Barcode picking - automate fully with our superb barcode picking facilities - Improve your accuracy order processing accuracy to almost 100%

Purchase Order creation - create purchase orders based on re-order levels to save time

Automatic stock in - replenish stocks delivered from purchase orders, book the delivered stock in at the click of a button.

Tracking - automate tracking numbers and "despatched" notifications to all channels.

Drop Shipping - create orders for your drop shippers in CSV or PDF format

3rd Party Warehouses - link your stocks with those of your supplier and fulfill from both depending on stock levels - be flexible with your stocks.

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