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Multi-channel Retailing Software

Sell more, work less

Simplify your multi-channel retailing by utilising StoreFeeder – the most effective way of managing your ecommerce operations. With integrations to all major sales channels, you’ll be collating all orders into one place and managing your  inventory across your chosen channels in no time. Our simple to use software allows you to automate your repetitive tasks, and it's all hosted on "the cloud" too, so you can be sure scalability and security are in-built. With full order management right through to full inventory & listing management, StoreFeeder is packed with rich features that, quite simply, work.

What is multi-channel retailing?

We talk about multi-channel retailing, multi-channel selling, omni-channel retailing, cross-channel selling and so on, but what is it really all about?

Multi-channel retailing is essentially when retailers sell their products across a number of different sales avenues, or channels. These include 'bricks and mortar' shops, direct sales such as telephone orders, and online retailing across multiple sales platforms such as websites, eBay and Amazon, both in domestic and international markets.

Online retailing has opened up fantastic opportunities for businesses to grow using multi-channel ecommerce as a backbone for their growth strategy. With the increased number of online marketplaces retailers must approach selling online differently.  Estimated multi-channel sales growth online is predicted to grow hugely over the coming years.

Being a successful online retailer means pushing and promoting products to as wide an audience as possible whilst maintaining a good level of efficiency, and automation is key to being as efficient as possible.

Our toolset makes multi-channel retailing easy, providing enterprise class tools to assist you with the automation of listing management, stock control, order processing, intelligent warehousing and reporting, each of which will save you time and money whilst opening up new markets for your products.

Benefits of multi-channel retailing

Multi-channel retailing allows merchants to reach a wide audience with both their products and indeed their brand.

Increasing the number of sales channels in turn increases the number of potential clients, your online footfall and potential sales should increase accordingly.

As you can imagine, the increase in sales comes with an increase in repetitive administration.  Multi-channel retailing software is designed to streamline these process challenges..

Our enterprise class sales tools address your sales, stock and administration headaches.  Automation is key to growing your business effectively, working with StoreFeeder you'll be selling to a wider audience in no time.

By using StoreFeeder you can...

  • Control all sales channels from just one interface
  • Keep inventory up to date across all channels
  • Process orders from multiple channels with ease
  • Integrate with couriers and other services
  • Work with supplier inventories and Dropshippers
  • Search out new markets for your products
  • Grow into new International markets

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